MoTFWp Sketches

We love to make sketch comedy videos, the weirder the better. Often featuring guns, screaming, and confused MoTFWP team members. Thanks to your support what was once an idea that probably shouldn’t have been remembered, is now permanently embedded on the internet.





Loading-Screen is a gaming webshow featuring the MoTFWP cast & crew playing a variety of games, mostly very poorly. The videos are largely comedy pieces, but once in a while show a useful tip or trick. Most people watch to laugh at us.

Former MoTFWP Webshows and Productions

Trailer Talk

A movie preview webshow discussing upcoming films and their trailers. Hosted by AJ Carter, written by Trenton Hoshiko & AJ Carter.

Not Yet Rated

A gaming show dedicated to updating audiences on upcoming games by discussing their trailers. Hosted by Austin Bauman, written by Trenton Hoshiko & Austin Bauman.